Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's List

Thinking again... Every day I write a To Do list like a million other people who set out to accomplish something before their days are diminished by one. Today my list contained nothing one might consider "practical", but a few things I consider crucial for reasons I cannot seem to articulate.

Ideas, surprising affirmations, previous thoughts, wishing I could save the world, but I'm making quiche today (Bodhisattva? Maybe tomorrow). I found a few quotes I'd like to share and lost them on the way to the oven with the pie crust. Some things that made it to the page follow. What did you think about today that you can't check off your To Do list? 

“the play of opposites… cannot be abolished. But opposites can co-exist without challenging each other – and that is the secret. For wholeness to be a living reality one must learn to expand beyond the field of duality encompassing the most diametrically opposed qualities of life.” – Deepak Chopra, in Unconditional Life: Mastering the Forces that Shape Personal Reality (1991, pp. 253-254).

Expand to the field of balance, lose your balance, find it again, like a standing yoga pose.
life without stylistic dominance 
community through cooperation
coherence, congruence, synergy

integration, harmonizing with the environment
song as expression of love 
music as a way of holding*

the importance of knowing how to rest comfortably where you are*, without feeling the need to master the next lesson (which rest, oddly enough, seems to be important preparation for learning the next lesson, but I'm not going there yet.. yum, rest, smell that quiche). 

I'm loving June Boyce-Tillman's book Constructing Musical Healing. You might too.

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