Friday, December 2, 2011

Imaging the Sacred Art of Chant II

Last month I shared the call for an online art exhibition I was curating for the Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts. Click here to be taken to ECVA's Advent Art Exhibition, where you can see a diversity of art inspired by sound. Thanks to C. Robin Janning and Diane Walker for inviting me into their world and walking me through the process.

Dabar, by Chuck Hoffman and Peg Carlson-Hoffman. "Dabar, which is translated as ‘word,’ implies deeds and actions, not just words. This creative energy or word of God we believe is still active today—it is constantly creating and inviting us (all beings) to participate in this continuous process." - from the artist's statement.

Enjoy the beautiful art, and don't forget to read the Curator's Statement while you're there.

“This is the gift that God holds out to us in this season:
to carry the light, but also to see in the dark,
and to find the shapes of things in the shadows.”

- Jan L. Richardson, in Night Visions

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